.Nicole. Logan, UT SENIOR Photographer in San Diego, CA-Julie Dawn Photography

What an adventure this session was. Typically all my sessions are interesting to say the least but this one might take the cake. Sometimes I go to sketchy areas to get a certain look. This bridge is notoriously sketchy. I am already on edge and just as we are about to climb up on the bridge a man pops out. AH! I think he was just as surprised as we were. However, he wasn't fully clothed and wanted to have a long conversation. I appeased him while keeping one hand on my pepper-spray aka D.A.D.. Once we finally dodged that situation we start to climb out on the bridge. 

I would say the bridge is about 20 feet high and you have one foot slats with a two foot gap. Little did I know...Nicole might be a tad afraid of heights. So after a little encouraging and hand holding...she made it to her spot. After getting down I discover just how afraid she is. Okay, strike two for me. 

I had to make it up to her. I happen to see that the gate to the private dock is open. So I casually walk through and immediately get questioned. I ask one of the guys if we can take a picture on his boat. He says, "no, you guys need to leave". I tell him it will take 2 seconds. He lets us! Yay! The lighting wasn't right per-say but we got the boat shot! 

Later on during the shoot two cops tried to photobomb the session and so I told them they may as well get in the shot. lol SO she survived and I think we ended up with some cool shots. Moral of the story...don't hire me if you aren't looking for an adventure. :S Nicole was such a great sport and is a serious gem! What a beauty! She is graduating high school and will be attending BYU. She's planning to major in accounting. She loves running, the beach, in-n-out, watching old movies, and her cat!