.Jordan Family. Logan, UT in Dallas,TX-Julie Dawn Photography

I have known the Jordan family for about 5 years now. When Phil and I moved to Texas for a short time...they were some of our first friends. We miss them so much and I had such a blast hanging out with them for a week while I was in Texas. It is always hard to photograph family or close friends because no one takes you seriously. haha So I threatened all 5 of them before the session and told them I was the boss. I had them running, jumping, sliding, swinging, climbing, sitting and squatting. Sometimes I am secretly laughing behind the camera at what I have people do but HEY I have to get the shot! They are an amazingly beautiful family and Jeremy and Aidan are about two of the nicest people I know. We are blessed to have them in our lives!

They are high school sweethearts celebrating 16 years of marriage this year! They love traveling, trying out new restaurants, and spending time outdoors (especially at the beach!). Most of all they love spending time with their three girls. Shelby (8) is very thoughtful, kind, loves music, art and can usually be found drawing or writing songs. Joey (6) is the jokester of the family and has them laughing daily. She loves Spider-man and Justin Bieber. Lucy (3) is the baby boss and runs the house. She can be super stubborn and super sweet and has Daddy wrapped around her finger.