.Jordyn & Cody Wedding. Spokane, WA Wedding Photographer from Logan, UT-Julie Dawn Photography

Introducing Jordyn and Cody! They met 3 years ago in September. Shortly after they met they planned a trip to Mexico where they both fell quickly in love with each other. It wasn't long after that that they moved in together and began their lives. On Jordyns 26th birthday they were back in Mexico vacationing, where Cody proposed to Jordyn in front of the entire resort, and a live band. She was totally surprised and never saw it coming. It was the most special and romantic day of their lives. Cody and Jordyn enjoy the outdoors. They spend their Summer's on their boat, and winters on the ski hill. They love to travel and see new places. They live an adventurous life, always on the go, and wouldn't have it any other way.