.Christensen Family. Logan, UT Photographer in Las Vegas, NV-Julie Dawn Photography

Meet the beautiful Christensen family! Seriously two of the most adorable kiddos ever! Eric and Erin met 11 years ago. They were living in the same city in Louisiana for years, but didn't meet each other until a few days before he was moving to Las Vegas! It looked like pretty bad timing, but once he got to Vegas, he looked Erin up at the school where she was teaching. He sent her an email, flew her out to Vegas for spring break, and the rest worked out from there. Now, they've been married for 8 years! They love to spend time outside... their kids are finally getting old enough to go on short hikes and sometimes they will spend their babysitter "date time" on more adventurous pursuits like snowshoeing and horseback riding. The kids like to stay active, too. Jack loves to play sports, especially soccer, and Mattie wears her pink tutu everywhere and dances ballet to any music she hears! I was so impressed at how kind and patient they are were with each other and how adorbale Jack and Mattie were together.