.Royseland Family. Logan, UT Photographer in Las Vegas-Julie Dawn Photography

Meet the beautiful Royseland Family! What a creative bunch. Halstein is from Norway. He is a musician, photojournalist, and also runs his own music blog. Kristin is from Las Vegas. She is a busy hairstylist, who works with clients teaches new stylists and travels out to do hair for weddings.  Tatum and Hazel love being big sisters to Lennan and take great care of her. They also really love to dress themselves (usually in nothing that goes together). Tatum is in preschool and loves it. Lennan is a super chill baby and Hazel thinks she's in charge of all of them. They are all traveling back to Norway this summer, which will be their first trip back since they moved in fall 2013. Tatum and Hazel were born there in Norway! They are an awesome family and I love catching up with them!