.Bryce & Trea Wedding. Logan, UT Wedding Photographer in Spokane, WA-Julie Dawn Photography

Meet Bryce and Trea! I met this wonderful couple on the day of their wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding day with their closest family and friends. They have been loving married life! They actually met 6 years ago at college in Reno, NV during a game of capture the flag when they happened to be stuck in the jail at the same time. Trea was decked out in camo face paint and making bird calls, and surprisingly Bryce found that attractive! Trea just received her master's degree in Limnology, she wrote her thesis in the same months they planned the wedding, they would not recommended it. Bryce puts his degree to work in an aquatic ecology lab looking at bugs all day.

Their hobbies include anything outdoors: running, hiking , climbing, snowboarding, biking etc. When not enjoying the outdoors they relax at home with our their two cats Thor and Rufio.
They don't have any solid future plans yet, other than staying married and enjoying life together!