.Albert and Brigette Wedding. Logan, UT Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, NV-Julie Dawn Photography

Introducing Albert and Brigette! What a beautiful couple and amazing family they have. Brigette and Albert happened to go to the same high school and were there at the same time but never knew each other. They met after they both graduated which was years later since Albert is 3 years older. They happened to meet at work and found out that they both had mutual friends, some whom were actually part of their wedding party. They had one of the largest wedding parties do to the size of Alberts family. Brigette grew up an only child and Albert happens to be one of ten children (two brothers and 7 sisters). They have been together for over ten years. They are in the process of building their new home and are going to travel Europe next month for their honeymoon. When not working, they spend a lot of time traveling with friends with their toy-hauler and desert toys. It was such a fun wedding to capture and I just loved the love they had for each other.