.Oborski Family. Logan, UT photographer in San Diego, CA-Julie Dawn Photography

What a fun evening with my friends the Oborskis. I met Stefan and Magdalena when Sofia was just a baby! I adore their family and have gotten to know Magdalena over the course of her taking private lessons with me. She has turned out to be such an amazing photographer with a great eye! 

Magdalena and Stefan met through Stefans sister Ana. She worked with Magdalena. Ana played match maker and they were married two years later. Their wedding dinner was drive through Carl's Jr. because they danced the night away and forgot to eat. haha Magdalena in a huge white dress and Stefan in his dress whites with medals. They are still getting a kick out of it. Ania the 2.5 year ago old loves horses. She sometimes thinks she is one and often refers to herself as a Diaper Dragon...they aren't sure why. Sofia 4.5 is the snow princess. She loves dressing up dancing singing ice skating. Stefan and Magdalena are more in love than ever...loving their nights ending with a family dance party , fun games and book reading.