.Mack Family. Utah Photographer in San Diego, CA-Julie Dawn Photography

Meet the Mack family! I have known them for years now and I just love catching up! They have lived in San Diego the last 7 years while Jared has been in the military. Jared and Janelle have been married 12 years and still seem like newlyweds! I love it!

Meet the kiddos! Bryce (3rd grade) is a very sweet responsible boy. He is running for the safety officer student council right now. Bryce's favorite subject is math. He is doing Shou Shu and playing soccer. Maddy (2nd grade and loving it) loves to tell stories. She is the only girl and enjoys art. Her favorite subject is science. Maddy is also doing Shou sho and playing soccer. Caden (4) is very playful. He likes to make potions outside and pretend he is a puppy. He is in preschool at the same school that Bryce and Maddy are. He loves it! He enjoys art and learning to write his letters. He also does Shou Sho and soccer. Brock (2) is a little explorer. He loves to run wherever he wants. During the photo shoot we were afraid he was going to fall down the steep hill because he just wanted to run. Brock has the cutest smile and likes to cuddle. His favorite show is special agent Oso.
They are such a great family and were so polite!