.Julia. Logan, UT Photographer in San Diego, CA-Julie Dawn Photography

Usually I write the BIO but this one just melted my heart. It is written by Julia's Mother.
Julia was born in 1997, a tiny, but healthy baby girl. At just 3lbs, 15oz, my husband and I found her to be quite strong right from the start. There was no need to be concerned with her small size. She was feisty, with a strong will, and charmed us daily with a variety of classic facial expressions. 

She is graduating from high school this year (Class of 2016!) and we could not be more proud. She has blossomed into a young woman that shows all the same traits she came into this world with. She has been affected by numerous beautiful people who have influenced her greatly - coaches, teachers, grandparents, and a lot of loving family and friends. She has been an athlete of soccer, track, and volleyball, pushing herself constantly to do her best. Julia has a great group of close friends and she is very involved in school activities. 

Julia is a big sister to her special needs brother, Mateo, who is close in age (just two years behind). Julia's has endured tremendous challenge and sacrifice living with a special needs sibling. As she gets older, I see the profound influence this relationship with her brother has had on her development. She is eager to live her own life, but she has gained a level of acceptance, understanding, and tolerance of others as a result of her interaction and life with Mateo. I believe she will always stick up for a fight for those in our society that are the most vulnerable. She's protective, LOYAL and we love her deeply. 

Congratulations Julia!!    - Mom and Dad