.Hannah & Ada. Logan, UT Photographer in Park City, UT-Julie Dawn Photography

It was bright and early at McPolin Farm in Park City, UT! Such an awesome location to capture these two little angels. It was surprisingly cold but you would never have guessed it. They hung in there and traded off with the blanket.

Hannah is almost 6! Her favorite thing is riding her bike and she just got a new geared mountain bike in advance of her 6th birthday, at the end of the month.  She is starting 1st grade soon and is really excited to ride her bike each morning to school with her favorite buddy, her dad, Adam.  She's a great big sister to Ada and helps her get ready in the morning.  They are great friends...most of the time. 

Ada is such a doll! She LOVES everything and anything associated with the movie Frozen and if she had her way, she would've worn an Anna and Elsa shirt during the shoot.  Ada is also the little clown in her family and does whatever it takes to make her sister laugh.  Typically, this involves sticking her butt out and slapping it or making her funny duck face. lol They were sure entertaining at the session! I love seeing them!