.Britney & Cody. Logan, Utah Photographer in Coeur d'Alene, ID - Julie Dawn Photography

I had such a fun shoot with Britney and Cody and I am so excited to capture their wedding in a few weeks! Britney found me on wedding wire. I was so shocked when she told me they were getting married in Athol, ID. It is the town I first met Phil (my hubby) in. Population 600. It is a beautiful place! I also found out they both met online as well. SO I was already excited before I even met them. What an awesome couple they are!

Cody is a Mechanical Engineer. Someday he hopes to work for himself. Britney is a Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist. She has been registered as an MS, RDN (master of science, registered dietitian nutritionist) for two years and a licensed dietitian for 1 year in Idaho. She hopes to become an expert in her field and is working towards a certificate in Gerontological Nutrition.  When they came across each others profiles...Cody loved Britney's ambition in life and that she had a picture of her cat, Mia. They currently have three cats (Mia, Calvin and Willow) together and sure love them. Britney loved Cody's adventurous pictures. They love watching movies together, spending time at their home (they feed the wild hummingbirds, squirrels and deer), camping, traveling and eating sushi. In the future they plan to fix up their home and travel. Starting with their honeymoon to Hawaii!