.Gartzke Family. San Diego Family Photographer - Julie Dawn Photography

I met the Gartzke family a few years ago for a session. During the session I was listening to Grandma Rosie sing to her Grandchildren and pushed record. I just couldn't pass up the special moment. So I created a bit of a unique sneak peek. I hope you enjoy this beautiful family! 

Erik (not pictured) and Tara have been married for 23 years! Tara was a computer engineer and now stay at home Mom.  She loves family, friends, music, hiking and reading. Erik is a Professor of political Science at UCSD. He loves his family,  camping, music and hiking. 
Grandma Rosie is Erik's Mom and lives with Tara and Erik for about 1/2 the year, she was a school teacher for years and years and has taught Allana, McGivney and Farrell to read! She loves spending time with all her grandchildren. Allana(13) loves music, singing, writing, reading and is on the Y swim team with her little sister McGivneyMcGivney(11) plays the cello, loves playing legos with her little brother and has an awesome backstroke.  McGivney is on the Y swim team with her sister. Farrell(5) loves anything with balls- soccer, baseball, dodge-ball, loves to play legos with anyone but especially his sister McGivney and is the apple of both sister's eyes.  He is very easy going and gets along with everyone loves to hike.