.Pruett and Family. San Diego Family Photographer - Julie Dawn Photography

Where do I begin?! Kristen, Blair, Mary Beth and Sarah have been amazing clients of mine for YEARS! Since pretty much the beginning. They seem more like family to me at this point. I asked Kristen to send some fun facts and one of the things she said is that her Dad (Kenny) has the most amazing memory. He never forgets a name. It is sort of ironic that she said that because I am HORRIBLE at remembering names. SO bad that I make up names. I changed Blair's name to Dan for a few years. I don't think I will ever live that down. haha Kristen's Mom (Kathy) is pretty much the sweetest lady I have met!  Kevin (Kristen's brother) stopped by for a few shots with the family and his nieces. They share a family business and Kevin runs it. They have a pretty cool family! Even Blair's SIL Marci (another awesome client of mine) brought her little munchkins by for a few shots!

 Kristen and Blair were born in San Diego and love spending time together as a family. On one of their skiing trips to Utah we were able to do a photo shoot near Park City...it was fun! Sarah and Mary Beth are my little model clients. They know whats up! haha They are on the swim team and are totally into their Adventure Princess Tribe which Blair is the chief of this year! Kristen obviously didn't say anything about herself but I can say she is amazing! She has been one of the best clients I have ever had and has sent so many people my way!  I <3 family="" nbsp="" p="" this="">