.Connolly Family. Utah Family Photographer - Julie Dawn Photography

I met Lonna thru Alionna(8) who is my daughters BF! They were in the same class last year. We became friends and so did our husbands. They are a great family! Lonna wouldn't really give me many fun facts SO I will share some that I know! haha Cameron (Dad) is a busy traveling business man and loves frisbee golf.  I guess he is pretty good too! Lonna is a stay at home Mom, nutritionist, and works out like every single day! My hero! Ali is just a doll, loves reading and loves fashion. Cooper(6) is usually running around with his neighbor friends when I am over. Cruze (3) is actually a Ninja Turtle. He used to be Batman but that was SO a few months ago. haha He does not like it when I sit in his chair. He is a little cutie. Maylee (1) is just the cutest baby ever! I don't think I have ever heard her fuss. SO cute! I had fun capturing their adorable family!