.Nick & Lenka Wedding. Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Julie Dawn Photography

Introducing Nick and Lenka!

I just loved getting Nick & Lenka! Their family and friends were pretty awesome too! They have a pretty fun story. Nick and Lenka crossed paths while they were neighbors living in Vegas. They hung out almost every day for a year as friends (or so Lenka thought). Nick got a great job working as a private jet mechanic in Utah. After moving to Utah he flew back to Vegas to tell Lenka how he felt for her. 4 months later Lenka was a Utah resident and now here they are 4 years later getting married in Kauai! They are such a sweet couple and I just loved watching how much they care for one another.

Nick is originally from Minnesota and Lenka is from Slovakia. They both are just loving Utah! They love to ski, golf and bike. They have a Yorkie who wasn't able to attend (tear). Hawaii doesn't make it very easy to bring your animals. The wedding was very intimate and beautiful! The got married in They Green Chapel (Hanalei Church) on Kauai! It was an amazing day!