.Corrie Family. San Diego, CA Photographer - Julie Dawn Photography

Okay, I LOVE love LOVED photographing The Corrie Family! They were so much fun and I was so glad they picked this location. One of my favorites! Antony and Gina are from North Yorkshire in the UK. However the have lived in the US for 15 years but still have that amazing accent. :)  Antony is an engineer in the lighting industry. They are a very active family. Antony is into kick boxing, surfing and running. Milo and Cassian both play the piano. Cassian(kindergarten) loves to play soccer and Milo(1st grade) loves building legos.  All three boys LOVE to swim...Gina not so much. Gina likes to play guitar and she teaches adult ballet classes.  Gracie is their oldest baby - she is 7 and likes tennis and chicken ... I guess even more then the family. haha If was so fun getting to know them a little bit more!