.Cloey. Senior Portraits in Logan, UT - Julie Dawn Photography

Where do I begin... this post is one of THE most special posts that I have done. This beautiful girl you see below is so much more then a pretty face. She is my step-daughter. Okay, I hate that phrase. She is my daughter. I like to call her my baby girl (if you have seen what to expect when your expecting...you will get it). 

I met Cloey when she was 12 years old and she is now 17. She has been a huge blessing to my life! She will be a Senior this coming year and is pretty much amazing! We are so proud of her and the path that she is taking! She has not had life handed to her on a silver platter but has made the choice to let her trials make her stronger. 

Phil aka (my husband..her Dad) asked that I not be to risky with the pictures. (burst of laughter) He said, "don't over do the makeup or show to much skin". He is telling this to me... I snuck red lipstick to school in 6th grade for my school picture. Yah, my Mom found out once the pictures came home. LOL I am still laughing. SO seeing as she is WAY older then 12...we snuck some red lipstick in. She is gorgeous on the inside and out!!! 

We had so much fun shooting her Senior pics and had all the kids/dog with us as well. At one point Cameron was walking around with the dog leash between his legs and Lincon was wearing a blanket as a shawl. haha. I had to add that picture in.